Last week was the second week of excavations of the German WW2 transition camp. Some 20 + participants and thousands of period finds. Needless to say we are very happy indeed! This week we found lots of small items such as this pipe.

Other fids included gaming pieces, coins, military rank badges as well as an "Eismeerfront" commemorative badge.

Last friday our team found a very moving item, namely a Catholic rosary. It shows signs of field made repair. The rosary was eventually lost by a German soldier while passing through the transition camp sometime between late 1942 and the summer of 1944.



The first week of the three week long excavation has now been completed. Three excavation areas 25 participants and lots of interesting finds The results seem to indicate that we have two different areas of activity, one belonging to the Ukrainian HIWI:s of the german transition camp and the other that of German soldiers arriving to the camp directky from the front lines and other areas in Finland.

During the weekend I will try to post a collection of pictures illustrating our work and a few of the thousands of finds from week one!



Hangö Sommaruni har startat en ny blogg för de arkeologiska utgrävningarna av det tyska lägret på Tulludden i Hangö 26.6.-14.7.2017! 


Vi kommer att uppdatera bloggen dagligen under utgrävningen. Inkommande måndag inleds årets fältarbeten med en en vecka lång utgrävning med elever från "Hankoniemen Lukio" och Hangö Gymnasium. 


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